Tobias Humlsing

Empirica GmbH

e-Skills supply and demand: current situation, trends and forecasts

download[910 KB]

Werner B. Korte Empirica GmbH

Benchmarking e-Skills Policies in EU Member States

download[688 KB]

Erki Urva IT Foundation for Education

Estonian IT Academy program: A Product of Partnership

download[89 KB]

Francis Behr Syntec Numérique The e-Skills Policy Framework in France

download[669 KB]

Olivier Crouzet 42 42: The Peer Learning School

download[564 KB]

Heleen Kist Digivaardig Digiveilig ICT professionalism and promotion policies and initiatives in the Netherlands

download[1019 KB]

Sebastiano Toffaletti PIN SME e-skills and SMEs

download[402 KB]

Karsten Gareis Empirica GmbH

Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships on e-Skills in EU Member States

download[1019 KB]

Alexander Riedl European Commission Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs  - A snapshot on 

achievements, challenges and the way ahead

download[428 KB]

Kay P. Hradilak SAP Academy Cube

download[410 KB]

Johann Kempe Holtzbrinck Publishing Group Software Campus – An approach focusing on 


download[415 KB]

Kaisa Olkkonen NOKIA The NOKIA Bridge Programme

download[136 KB]

Fabianne Ruggier e-Skills Alliance Malta e-Skills Alliance Malta

download[731 KB]

Sasha Bezuhanova BCWT e-ekills and women

download[434 KB]

Jutta Breyer Breyer Publico European e-Competence Framework 3.0

download[448 KB]

Fiona Fanning CEPIS Professionalism & Professional e-Competence

download[510 KB]

Peter Hagedoorn EuroCIO The role of the e-CF for ICT Professionalism in Europe

download[430 KB]

Maarten Dolf Desertine EXIN e-CF compliant online tools, certification guidance, job matching and placement

download[690 KB]

Philippe Saint-Aubin industriALL Attractive Jobs for ICT

download[160 KB]

Nills Fonstad INSEAD

e-Leadership Skills: Definitions and estimations of demand and supply

download[695 KB]

Simon Robinson Empirica GmbH

European Guidelines for New Curricula Fostering 
e-Leadership Skills

download[852 KB]

Sharm Manwani Henley Business School

Example of e-Leadership Curricula: Business Enterprise Architect

download[1 MB]

Tawfik Jelassi ENPC e-Leadership and e-Skills

download[244 KB]

Silvia Leal IE Business School Fostering e-leadership skills

download[323 KB]


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